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In the family way.

I am so excited that my game this time around has Simon as well as River Tam. River was a Sim I downloaded when I was very first playing the game last year, and I love her. She is so fucking cute in-game. I did not make her, and I'm so glad I didn't, because even though she doesn't resemble Summer Glau so much, she is my River Sim for life. I did, however, make Simon. When I started anew this year, I put River into my game immediately, but I didn't make Simon for a few weeks, so by the time I was finished with him and imported him in my game, it was too late to make River and Simon a family. I did go ahead and move in Simon with River and get him a job in the medical career (NATURALLY).

At the time, I was still using the ~Closer Family~ incest hack, so I could have used the Insimenator to make them show up as siblings and still have had Tamcest, but I wasn't necessarily planning Tamcest. I like to just see what happens and who has chemistry with who. But as River is a Family Sim and Simon is a Knowledge Sim (Family and Knowledge Sims are basically perfect for each other; also I think River could be the Knowledge Sim and Simon the Family Sim, but Doctor Tam working his way up the medical career is too wonderful to resist) and their zodiac signs and turn ons/turn offs seemed to mesh perfectly, they had triple chemistry.

TRIPLE. CHEMISTRY. There are only two other couples I've had in the history of my Sims playing who boasted triple chemistry.

"Universe, I hear you," I said. "Tamcest there shall be."

Hello, nurse! That's right, he's still a nurse. Don't worry, Simon, someday you'll be in the medical elect!

I found these amazing shiny vests at Garden of Shadows. They're amazingly perfect for Simon, aside from the ties. I'm so happy, because I had looked all over for days as I was working on Simon and haven't seen anything else that is as IC. Gothy, ass-kickin' boots aside.

I made his sideburns, because Simon has those weird sharp sideburns.

River! From here. And with her, as always, is Garth are dark eye circles! It's hard to find appropriate clothing for River, especially since I really like her to have bare feet. I usually dress her in a patched-up witch's outfit, or something like that. Whatever it is, it's got bare feet and patches and netting and is very River. There is no way I am going to have River tottering around in stripper heels, which almost every outfit ever has. :(

River is super-friendly and loves everybody. She and Castiel obviously see some kind of good in Dexter... I don't know what's wrong with them. But they love Dexter.

I wish I had pictures of their wedding, which was an epic disaster. Everybody left. :( But this did not affect the mood. Indeed, Simon. Indeed. Fade to black.

I include this picture because it shows River's PJs -- a plain white man's shirt (Simon's!!) -- which also took me a really long time to find for some reason. Somehow this strikes me as obvious nightwear, so I don't know how there aren't a zillion of them out there.



One chilly autumn morning, River did the cutest thing ever. She was warming herself by the fire, and started patting her belly and talking to it softly. !!!!!!! It must be that I hardly ever put fireplaces in Sims' houses, but I've never seen a Sim do that before, so I was so happy!!!

Then I was like, aw, fuck. Because River and Simon had twins.

I never cheat about babies. I take whatever sex arrives and I never change the numbers or abort or suspend pregnancy or anything. Still, there were only three sets of twins in my last game, out of like a billion babies. This was the power of triple chemistry at work or something.

They had one boy and one girl, also, which has never happened to me before. My Sims have always had twins of the same gender.

They are named Alexander and Aelis.

Alexander as a toddler! Clearly already a total dork in the making. Alexander is a very friendly kid. Instantly friends with both mom and dad.

Aelis as a toddler, with River's lovely eyes. Aelis had low social scores with everyone, so Simon spent a lot of time cuddling her in order to even be friends with her.

And here are Alexander (never just Alex, and definitely not ever Xander) and Aelis the day after they grew into children. A typical topic of discussion at the Tam table? And note that River is pregnant again! I approve of the peasant-print shirt, of course. But River, white jeans? Must you?

Baby number three was a girl! Her name's Tathryn. Alexander obviously would have preferred a brother. Probably Aelis is a little badass and teases him about his glasses!

Tathryn and Aelis are names I came up with for use when I was writing Firefly fic once. Now I associate them both with River, so I reused them for the Tam children's names, which I feel really free to be interesting with. Dweezil Tam, I can't wait to meet you.

You can see that Alexander has his dad's blue eyes though.

I think you may be right about that, Simon. You truly are gifted.

Winter came during Tathryn's baby/toddlerhood, and River and Simon gave Alexander and Aelis teddy bears as gifts.

Though a total future Knowledge Sim and Dork, Alexander did not inherit his father's love of cutting other people apart. What a wuss. When Simon gave Aelis lessons, she was lovin' it! Heartless Aelis.

Here's Tathryn as a toddler. I don't know where that caramel hair came from. The game gave her blondish eyebrows, and I tend to take whatever hair color and such the game gives them. Dormant gene?


One night, as their twins ran around them razzing each other and Tathryn slept peacefully in her crib, Simon and River cuddled by the fireplace.

I'm sure you can guess what all this touching lead to. YEP. I'm very glad Simon has figured all this out. God knows if he had married a Kaylee Sim he'd be sleeping on the couch.

Another girl! Her name is Elodie.

Let me talk for a second about River's dress: I have only recently bothered to start changing my Sims' maternity clothes, partially because I installed Seasons right after Simon and River's wedding. I lost my incest hack in the process :( But in updating my Shop-at-Home Hacked Coat Hook (which I literally cannot live without) I gained the option to select maternity outfits and therefore started looking around for maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes. Suck. Most of them. I appreciate that people want their Sims to look cute and/or stylish while pregnant, and I think the Maxis maternity clothes are hideous, but I don't really think a lot of high-heeled, slutty-looking, completely nonsensical maternity outfits is the answer. My favorite maternity outfit BY FAR is this "Baby Doll" mesh by Carnaby Sims. Ahhhh. It makes me so happy. Plain flats. Lots of cute retro-looking recolors. Clarissa Darling-approved. I really want to do a whole buttload of recolors.

Anyway, I will end this with toddler Elodie and shirtless!Simon.

(You know it's a nursery when there's a weefoxySam watching over the crib!)
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