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That's me in the corner, losing my religion.

Really, really brief post about my difficult Castiel Sim.

Castiel was a Sim I made last year and put in my old game. He was only there for a few days before I irresponsibly lost my game in a tragic EP-installing incident wherein I didn't make sure I'd backed up every single tiny thing. :| So though I had chiseled his weirdo face (sorry, but he has a WEIRDO FACE) for hours, he was lost.

However, I still had the psd of his skintone saved, so I decided to take another stab at his face. OH IF ONLY I COULD STAB HIS FACE


He looks so pissed off! And what's with those brows? Of course, no Sim looks good standing in front of a window with bright morning sunlight glaring in, so...

His skin tone was not, you know, jaundice yellow. There he is making the acquaintance of my adorable Yumi Fukuzawa Sim.

Anyway, gross. I've been thinking that his skin is too pale. Part of the paleness he exhibits in the show is just because everything is so washed out on SPN. But Castiel looks like death with a too-pale skintone. I've been meaning to fix him for weeks. So today I opened up Body Shop and did some five-minute fixing.

First pic: ye olde skin tone. It doesn't look pale in Photoshop, but it is very light in the game. Second pic: more normal skintone, with his stubble darkened a little and the eyebrows removed because it's really better if they're layered on and not part of the actual skintone, IMO. I also did some tweaks on his face and eyes and hair.

And here is the thing about Misha Collins: HE HAS THE WEIRDEST FACE EVER!

Sorry, but he looks like two different people entirely here. Face-on, his face looks so round, his jaw so wide. Also, his eyes -- their lids are hidden half the time entirely, as in the second pic. His nose is so nice and long and pointy. His nose is the reason I wanted to even make him, haha, that and the sticky-uppy Peggy hair, which someone kindly alpha edited and made shorter.

There's just almost no pictures I can find at the angle Body Shop works in so I can make his face have the right proportions and shape everywhere. These four pictures above are the pictures I looked off of to mold his face. I can't seem to sink it in enough. MISHA COLLINS HOW IS YOUR FACE SO FLAT AND YET SO POINTY??? I mean, I totally can't get his nose to point enough and yet actually be as wide as it looks in other pictures.

Anyway, I stick a fork in you, Castiel. You're done. This is the third time I have remade you. And guess what. I AM YOUR GOD NOW

I'll finish this off with the best Castiel screen cap I've got, from when Dean wanted to prank him. DEAN. WANTED. TO PRANK. CASTIEL. I love you, Dean Sim.
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