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A wild stress-fest appeared!

Shmegacy used Sim-making. It's super-effective! Apparently. Given that I want to make 495 Sims rn. So...

Featuring: Sam, finally! Quinn! And even Blaine!

I basically decided to make Blaine because I found some really good clothes that reminded me of Blaine, haha. The fact that I spent hours looking for and at pictures of Darren Criss. I can't even.

So, Blaine doesn't have a photoskinned skintone -- the only thing I made on him/for him are these fantastic triangular eyebrows, copy/pasted exactly from Darren's face. They are beautifully uneven. In-game it makes Blaine's expressions really weird.

Although I think that if I wanted to, I could come back to Blaine over and over and really tweak the shit out of him (as I am wont to do), but as it is, I created him, put him in the game, and did another couple of rounds of work on him, so I've already put in the hours.

In my game, Blaine is formerly a Popularity Sim who is in the Political career. He jumped into being a Romance Sim after some tragic heartbreak occurred. He is drowning his sorrows in Woo-Hooing and playing the piano.

I also decided to make a Quinn Sim. I'm not the world's biggest Quinn fan or even that into any Quinn pairings but I thought her face would be fun and easy. Compared to many Sims' faces, it was. But again, as with Blaine, I basically wanted to go for more of a good ballpark Quinn instead of a painfully exacting Quinn; I didn't want to make any custom brows or makeup or facial overlays for her.

The first picture is a good in-progress picture. I put short, unobtrustive hair on her, and a familiar color, and someone else's custom skintone I have in my folder. This was the version I wound up being satisfied with after a few hours of molding and put in my game only to discover she was wildly pale and her mouth was very off. It's weird because I think she looks more Quinn-ish in the first picture than the second, but the second version looks much better in-game than the first. There are a ton of subtle tweaks from version one to version two. The change of skin tone is the most obvious but there was work done on her brows too. Dianna actually has kinda brown brows, so these aren't dark enough but I don't have a middle brown shade for this brow set, and oh, I so don't want to make them.

I did actually wind up creating a dress for her on a mesh that had booties. You can see it a little further down, but it's based off a dress she did wear under a jacket. It took about 20 minutes and really made her very Quinny-looking in my game. I had no other even vaguely Quinny clothes, oddly.

Quinn is a Fortune Sim at the moment. Her Lifetime whatever is to be the best ballerina or something like that. Her only desires seem to be making money and buying stuff. I may change her Aspiration... perhaps to ROMANCE?

Apologies for the height discrepancy on the images, there, as the first one was from a prior post -- but hopefully you can still see that I made a vast improvement on Sam yesterday, after getting Blaine and Quinn futzed with. His face doesn't look nearly so mashed-in now. I think oddly the most important feature that cinches this as much better (besides his previously mentioned, absolutely UNREPLECATABLE asymmetrical mouth with its extremely tight yet bulgy philtrum and lips that are always crookedly quirked) is the under-eye area. Chord has a very, very distinctive squinty kind of look with -- IDK, eye bags? His lower lids? IDK what to call them, actually. But they contribute to this funny fishy look he has going on in general. There's like at least five layers of makeup on under his eyes to give them that appearance.

And, oh my gosh, I fixed his nose so hardcore. I'm pretty happy with the fact that he doesn't look like someone smashed a crowbar right along his eyes anymore.

I hate this hair, but there's literally no proper Sam hair. Every hair I put on him, I hate. This mesh in particular is actually extremely voluminous and makes it look like he's wearing a gigantic helmet. I may recolor it with some darker roots and some highlights. Sam's hair is very short this season. You wouldn't think it'd be so hard to find something similar! BUT OH IT IS!

Some random game snapshots:

Rachel looking out at the harsh New York winter from the apartment she shares with Kurt. She's really got the weirdest schnozzzzzz.

Klaine building a snowman together. Kurt sometimes suffers from my graphics card sucking. Kurt works in Fashion Design and it is extremely, hilariously demanding. He regularly comes home from work about to die.

Faberry??? Here you can kinda see the dress I made Quinn and I believe a dress Rachel actually wore on the show once, coincidentally. Fancy? It was the end of winter and Rachel went to Quinn's apartment to give her a gift (pink ballet shoes, because Quinn is in the Dance career).

Kum gossipin' 'bout Blaine's eyebrows, probably. In the bathroom. Very suspect!

Other things of note which have happened in my game:
  • Blam share an apartment. During winter, Sam gave Blaine a violin and Blaine gave Sam a telescope so he could look at the stars. Blaine's room has a slight nautical/old man's study theme, and Sam's has Gundam figures and models of planets and star charts.
  • Since someone made a Kate Hudson Sim, I have a Cassandra July wandering around. She's a creep. She got fired her first day of work through a chance card and still sobs about it.
  • Sam is a Family Sim, duh. When other Sims invite him over, he starts crying because he wants a family.
  • Kurt is that weird type of Sim who celebrates every single time he gets home from work, even though his fun meter or whatever is in the red. He laughs UPROARIOUSLY at jokes.
  • Quinn's favorite person is Blaine. She calls him all the time and all her wants revolve around him. However, she is apparently attacted to Rachel. Rachel constantly thinks of visiting Quinn, who lives downstairs from her and Kurt. Quinn loves dirty jokes. Quinn's apartment is cute and pink and violet and yellow-green.
  • The Blam apartment got broken into and they unwisely did not have a burglar alarm. The thief stole the violin Sam gave Blaine, the piano Blaine plays daily, Sam's weight set, and some random art from their kitchen wall. Sam's fondest desire is to see this guy's ghost.
  • One of Blaine's lingering wants is to fall in love with his roomie, Sam. He has one lightning bolt of chemistry with Kurt. SO REALISTIC


    Upcoming possible Sims: Puck (since I have the correct mohawk), Ryder (because I think his face would be easy and I love Blake -- unfortunately I do not know much of his character other than "dyslexic jock"), Kitty...?? I just love Kitty and I think there's a Cheerios uniform out there, so w/e.
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