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I wanna sit under Uranus!

Pictured: Sam and Rachel star-gazing together. T____T

I've been playing here and there for the past few months. I've made Ryder and Kitty, and I've also made Tina to keep Blaine (The Loneliest Sim) company. I may post them sometime, but I'm posting this today because I've been working on Brittany and Santana.

As usual, I put in-progress Sims with unobtrusive hair so it could really be all about their faces, so ignore the six-heads. Those will get covered and disappear with the right hair, which I have already picked out for them both. I haven't put them in my game at all yet, this is just what I did today.

Santana is about 85% there, IDK. I'm fairly pleased because I found some eyebrows pretty quick that will work for Santana and didn't have to mess with making any or whatever. Eyebrows and noses are typically the hardest for me. Naya has some unfortunate plastic surgery face IRL, so every picture of her nose looks a little different, making capturing it a little harder for me. And her facial features are actually really close together, closer than this, and her face is quite square, so I may see if I can smoosh her in some more. I've hit saturation point where I cannot tell if my tweaking on her is helpful or harmful, so I'll have to look with fresh eyes later. I mean, even looking at the picture in this post, I can tell I want to rotate her eyes a tick.

I'm also pleased with Brittany (actually, I think I am probably finished with her; she didn't take that much time and I feel fairly satisfied), although she is quite symmetrical, whereas Heather Morris is made of wonk.

I was discussing this with nutkin, who is making her own Sims rn too:

me: since you mentioned hemo's weird face
me: her EYES!
me: one is tilted more than the other!
addie: IKR?????
addie: and they're so oddly shaped. and her nose is so weird, like her eyes are very deep set and her brow comes out weirdly far so it makes an otherwise normal-shaped nose difficult to capture.
me: lmfao yes oh my god her eyes are SO deep-set.
me: where her nose goes into her brow is so strange.
addie: i've always felt like her face is kind of odd, because at some angles she's quite pretty and at others she seems straight up homely. kbsg it's really weird.
addie: i really think it's that area between her eyes, and the ratio of width between the top of her head and the bottom.
me: it is strangely delightful to be able to discuss this fkjsdf
addie: dsgbbg seriously, i can't imagine not being able to be like WHY IS HEATHER MORRIS' FACE LIKE THAT to someone who gets it and i've only been attempting to do this for a day.
me: dkfjghdkgdfdfjkghdk
addie: jhgkglho8gytioufgsdg
addie: obsbgbslabgd it's funny because it's true

I probably won't have Brittana in my game unless they just click or whatever. I think I'll move them in with Tina and Blaine and just see what happens.

Here's a small handful of caps from my game, although nothing terribly current.

Kum babies! Actually, Samchel babies; at this time, Rachel had moved in with Sam and Kurt (who, yes, is wearing a fox tail, because... a fox tail exists...) to be their surrogate. This is a favorite headcanon of mine, so. Via the Insimenator, Rachel got knocked up, but she had twins, and I bawled because twins are so ugh to raise, and Kurt is a workaholic. Anyway, they had a boy and a girl. Rachel had a Hummelberry baby boy for them, too, then she moved out to go live in sin with her girlfriend.

They're pretty cute. Rachel's climbing the pop star career ladder. Quinn maintains a crush on Blaine, the Romance Sim who pursues everyone, to this day; whenever I play Blaine, Quinn's that creeper friend who won't ever stop calling.

Here's Kitty playing kicky bag with Rachel, who dropped by and invited Kitty to do this autonomously. Ryder watched and booed Rachel.

Ryder and Kitty are married. They started out their married life in this adorable beachy hut that had once been Ryder's bachelor pad, but they moved to one of the nicest houses in the neighborhood because Ryder is a sports star. They have dogs named Lacey and Duke who have had lots of puppies that other Sims have adopted, including Sam and Kurt, who adopted a pair named Thunder and Lightning.

Sam is Thunder's master, but I think one of their daughters is Lightning's. Sam and Kurt currently have more kids than I can keep track of, because this is me; I think they have five or six daughters, and two sons. Theodore, the Hummelberry baby, is FLAMINGLY GAY and high-maintenance. I had nothing to do with this. His desire is to open a salon and his interests are fashion and fitness. He has a hag with a crush on him. I don't know what other conclusion I'm supposed to draw.
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