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Header background picture: here!

Sims Made By Others:
  • Dean and Sam Winchester (SPN)
  • Jo, Jess, and Meg (SPN)
  • Gossip Girl cast
  • Jessica Alba (I use her for Max!)
  • Kristen Bell (Designed for Elle Bishop, but I use her for Veronica Mars!)
  • Taylor Kitsch (aka Tim Riggins!)
  • Steve Carell (as Michael Scott!)
  • Edward and Bella~~
  • Val Kilmer (designed as Madmartigan, but I use him for Chris Knight!)

  • Heather Kuzmich (from ANTM! The only link I can find now is here but it's not to the Sim itself. I can't find where the Sim is posted now :\)
  • River Tam

    If the Sim isn't listed here, I made it or it was born in-game or something!

    Sites I Buttrape When the Mood Strikes, Y'Know:
  • Insimenator.org
  • The Wicked Nouk Family
  • ModtheSims2.com
  • All About Style
  • InBeatz.com
  • Stylist Sims
  • Roanjena Sims 2
  • XM Sims
  • Rosesims2
  • PeggyZone
  • Club Crimsyn
  • Garden of Shadows
  • The Sims Resource

    If specific resources (meshes, textures, whatever) are used for CC-making, they will be noted in the post along with the creation!
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