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Your lashing out at me is fantastically compelling and inappropriate.

What's up, friends? That's right. SHMEGACY UPDATE. I've been molding Kurt and Sam (from Glee) so I figured I'd post about it.

So here's a screen shot of Kurt from Body Shop, taken like a week ago. I beat his face into shape over a few days. That's kind of what you have to do... mold as much as you can for a while, stop and not look at it for a decent chunk of time, come back to it, keep molding with fresh eyes. Sims don't really start off with proper facial proportions.

I actually do a lot of gridding and overlays in Photoshop and really try to get the facial features where they're supposed to be, but this is sometimes very hard, and little things like assymetricalities in the face (which are very common) and ear shape are things you can't help... like, I can't make him a widow's peak type hairline without it starting to look silly... but you can do other things with makeup and skinning. Kurt is photoskinned, which means hours in Photoshop carefully copy-pasting pieces of Chris Colfer's face onto a template and blending them out. It's a 97-layer process.

I also created makeup for him: a nose mask (absolutely necessary to make his nose look even somewhat like... his nose), and made eyes for him from Chris Colfer's eyes, and recolored some hair for him. I really like the hair, I was lucky to find it when I went looking for some proper Kurt hair!! And I also found some great eyebrow sets and these are the closest I can get to Chris's without doing my own, which I'm not in the mood to bother with, haha. His chin cleft and dimples and lower lashes are downloads that came in handy.

These things all really help make a Sim look more like who they're supposed to, more than direct copy-paste photoskinning.


Sam is... still in progress :|

It took me very little time to make Kurt in comparison to Sam, and I was surprised, because Chris Colfer has very wonky features (his nose, particularly) and Chord Overstreet practically has a default Sim nose and that great fat mouth. I thought, NO PROBLEM, SKINNING PLUS JUST SLIDING THE MOUTH TO INSANE FULLNESS! SAM WILL TAKE HARDLY ANY TIME!


He's taken me... three times as long, just to get this far with him, and he still isn't working for me. It's incredibly frustrating because I can't find a decent picture of Chord's face. I need straight-on and normal-faced. Like, straight-on. Not from above, not from below, not with his head tilted to the side, not with his mouth hanging open. You wouldn't think this would be difficult, but I haven't found a single picture I'm content to work off of. I can paste him over any picture and have to change the Sim radically to fit the proportions of that picture. One second Chord's got Angelina lips and the next they really aren't taking up that much of his face, nor are they pouty and pink. Chord also GRINS CROOKEDLY. Apparently only one side of his face wants to do any work much of the time, so there's this crookedness to Sam Evans that I literally can't replicate.

I also can't get his philtrum area to be much wider on the bottom than on the top. The dent of his philtrum into his lip is also... well, the bow of his mouth is very tight and high, and for the life of me, I can't draw the points of his upper lip any closer together or make them gentle curves as well. I've tried making some makeup for it but I can't quite figure it.

It's very frustrating! I realize I'm being too picky, probably, haha. I have no idea how people make decent Sims.

But at least Sam has an accurate wardrobe:

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