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The only Berry on my family tree.

That's right. It's Shmegacy Time. Or, really, dumb fandom Sim modding time.

I haven't gotten to play my Kurt Sim at all because a) my computer died in April and I was lucky to have saved him at all and lucky to be able to get Sims 2 to start on this computer at all, and b) he is all alone, and that is just too cruel. Particularly as townies are the worst. I want to send him to a New York-esque future with Sam, but Sam is being extraordinarily difficult. I am on, like, the fourth go at him. I am not even being picky about him, but he just doesn't look like Sam, so I cannot in good conscience get my Kum on. So to take a break from his infuriating face, I'm making Rachel so I can at least get some sweet sweet Hummelberry action.

So, that picture above is not a finished product. It was the first version of her, which I imported into my game so I could see how she looked in-game (NOT NEARLY RACHEL ENOUGH). Too Natalie Portman, weirdly enough. (It's the eyebrows.) It's always way different to see the Sim in the game and in motion, so checking in on it thusly is a pain, but helpful if you are going for some kind of accuracy.

Witness the subtle saving and resaving and resaving of Rachel over the last couple of days.

A little Natalie Portman... a little bit less, with an overlay I made of Lea's little moles... and again, a little bit less Portman and a little more bulbous in the nose, which Lea quite is, and different eyes that are less spacey.

These probably seem like pretty subtle tweaks instead of hours of pushing, prodding, sliding, lifting, re-sizing, cheekbone-relocating, jaw-fiddling, etc, creating custom makeup for her moles and nose, et cetera.

As I've said, the thing about molding Sims to look like real people is that after a while your eyes begin to swim and you're like "that's good!" but if you sit on it, or preferably sleep on it and open the Sim again the next day, you will immediately be able to see things you still need to tweak. Even though I am posting this now I know if I open up Rachel again tomorrow I'll realize something else I need to do to her. I think a major thing that makes her look Natalie-esque and that needs to be changed is her eyebrows. I don't have any that are the perfect darkness, so I'll probably need to make her some or go spelunking for eyebrow downloads. Whateverrrr!

Still, I rarely make female Sims, particularly ones that are pretty at all, so I am pleased with Rachel so far.

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